Friday, April 3, 2015

Back to the Roots - Crete 1 of 4 Posts (click on picture for enlargement)

Securing the car in Thessaloniki!

Mothballs and pointed sticks - effective CAT PROTECTION!

The quilt shop below Tom's apartment in Thessaloniki

Quality German quilting threads from Gütermann

Any cat would think twice 
before doing his business in this plot!

Roasted nuts on the streets of Thessaloniki

Preparing for Greek national holiday celebration 
at an ancient church in Thessaloniki

Ancient catacombs below a chapel in Thessaloniki
where quite possibly the Thessalonian church 
met for worship

Jesus lovingly holding the head of
John the Baptist

Ancient baptismal tank

French style Greek café in Thessaloniki

Enjoying breakfast before heading to the airport
for the flight to Crete

Greek version of the mighty village Oak 
or Dorflinde - a magnificent sycamore tree

Leaving rain-soaked Thessaloniki

Tree in the middle of the road in the village
of Armeni, where Grampy's cousin lived

Enjoying a welcoming fire in Kitty's kitchen 
on our first evening in Kritsa, Crete.

Kitty's very own orange tree with the last of 
last season's production

Enjoying breakfast before getting to work on 
our first day in Kritsa